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Hardware Expertise

When integrated into a vision of what learning should be, technology can help your college or university deliver flexible, on demand approaches that support individual learning styles and help drive a passion for learning.

Listening to the needs of educators, Govtek has created a portfolio of technology solutions designed to help you meet your learning objectives. Our solutions team will assist you with the selection of the technology and services to support your institution’s teaching and learning initiatives.


We have deep insight into purpose built devices for Education working with different OEMS and Vendors to ensure the best offering for you. Our structured approach will help you determine the right device for your budget and most importantly the right support model. From CYOD to BYOD use our consulting services to help you through this journey. Below are our key focus areas.

Transform Learning:

Enable learning anywhere with mobile education solutions. By

Incorporating feedback from instructors and students, we offer technology built to hold up to the demands of mobile computing while providing the performance that educators require.

Educator designed:

Give instructors and administrators the tools they need to design active learning

environments to support student learning and growth.


Govtek Services for PCs & Workstations:

Deploying PCs and keeping systems up and running is becoming more challenging in school environments. The pressure to do more with less makes it harder than ever to keep users productive. Services from Govtek can help.


Technology that enhances learning spaces:

Make the most of classroom technologies to support a better learning experience.


Explore our solutions for higher education. If you like what you see, let's talk. We would love to share the full details about how Govtek solutions can provide you with the tools and technologies you need.

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