the lp+365 app

LP+365 is the latest learning and collaboration platform from Learning Possibilities, developed in partnership with Microsoft. Based on research and over 10 years of experience, LP+365 brings LP+ technology to Office365, driving positive education outcomes for learners. Find all the tools you need to share resources, communicate, collaborate and manage assignments in a simple, engaging dashboard.

key benefits


The LP+365 App has a dynamic, and intuitive interface. It’s automatic class site provisioning and relevant tools allow users to organise resources, manage assignments easily and encourage communication, collaboration, creativity and discipline in learners.

lp+365 on mobiles and tablets

LP+365 has an intuitive and responsive design, developed to work with all Microsoft Office Mobile Apps. Full integrated with OneDrive, it enables learners to keep an e-portfolio of their work and easily organise and manage resources, projects and assignments.

Compatible and accessible across devices

The aim was to ensure accessibility was never an issue with any device.

accessible anywhere, facilitating offline access to office web apps

To make learning accessible even in the most remote parts of the world, we facilitate offline access to Office web apps.

one click access to your favourite tools

Your favourite Microsoft Office 365 tools are one-click away in addition to learning tools such as Blogs, Wikis, Photos, Videos, Email etc.

learning is fun and managing assignments is easy

We make learning fun and ease management workload for the teacher.
Our assignment tool manages your learners’ work and performance on one page.

super safe in the azure cloud

We know e-safety is an important agenda in digital learning. We strive to satisfy schools and ensure data is secure within the Microsoft Azure cloud.

access to inbuilt pedagogical material and support

Even though it only takes 20 minutes to train users on the LP+365 App, users have access to pedagogical material through an inbuilt support and professional development site.

LP+ 365 key features

lp+365 benefits

A recent report puts Microsoft Office as the 2nd most important skill for students

For Teachers

  • Easy to use and implement

  • Only 20 mins for training.

  • Organised and structured interface.

  • Manages learners’ work and performance.

  • Inbuilt support and professional development site.

  • Increasing independent study.

  • Offline access to Office web apps.

  • Encourages learning beyond school.

For Learners

  • Simple, intuitive and fun platform.

  • Recognise the importance of technology and
    its application across education.

  • Building digital and employability skills essential for their future.

  • Developing initiative & inventiveness.

  • Innovative, engaging and imaginative.

  • Access to latest market leading tools on
    Microsoft immediately.



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